The Healing Journey IS Worth It.

So, for a little bit of life updates that I have been alluding to, I am moving! I have been wanting to move since October of 2020, and I was quite impatient waiting for this moment. On and off for the past year and a half I have been driving 3 hours a day to get toContinue reading “The Healing Journey IS Worth It.”

Self-Care after Trauma: Sharing the plan behind my study.

Fall of 2019 If you have not read the first post that shared the introduction of my thesis, you can read it, here. I would suggest reading that so you can have a better understanding of the topic of my study since this post will be sharing the next part which is the methodology, orContinue reading “Self-Care after Trauma: Sharing the plan behind my study.”

Self-Care after Trauma: Discovering what that means through the introduction of my thesis.

It seems that there has been a collective belief that once a person survives a traumatic event the next step was to just move on. But how can people transition from being traumatized to healed in one step, as if it was a swift movement, an automated response, like walking up a flight of stairs? If the next step after survival was moving on, then what lied at the top of the flight of stairs? What was in between? Was healing really that linear to the point of putting one foot in front of the other, moving forward, and by climbing up these metaphorical stairs meant I have moved on? 

Owning My Suffering.

November 2018 I’m not sure if you have been keeping track or not, but this is the fourth blog post of describing the awakening and healing that took place in just one semester of grad school! It was a lot to integrate, but hey, my soul was obviously ready for it. Today I will be sharing the processContinue reading “Owning My Suffering.”