Married and Divorced before 30.

Where does one begin with a subject like this? It’s hard to not feel like a damn statistic, because everyone who has been divorced has a deeply unique story that is so much more than contributing to the statistics of divorce rates.

How No Longer Wearing Bras Has Helped With My Sexuality Healing And Self-Confidence.

In the previous blog post, “Learning To Walk Through Life Not Giving A Fuck,” I briefly touched on the fact that back in October of 2020 I made the decision to stop wearing bras. I noticed that I was becoming pretty passionate while sharing, and figured I would make another blog post solely devoted to … Continue reading How No Longer Wearing Bras Has Helped With My Sexuality Healing And Self-Confidence.

Society Doesn’t Teach Authenticity.

Why can authenticity seem so hard to come by? It seems that most of us have been programmed to adhere to other people’s expectations. To fit their molds to make them happy, but if we are so concerned with making others happy, and constantly neglecting our needs, where does that leave us as individuals? It … Continue reading Society Doesn’t Teach Authenticity.

Redefining Consent.

When we talk about consent, especially in relation to sex, it seems pretty straight forward, right? Sexual acts often involve more than one person, which means we need to make sure we have permission from all parties participating. Then why is it that every 73 seconds a person is sexually assaulted? This is obviously a huge problem … Continue reading Redefining Consent.

What IS healthy sexuality and what ISN’T?

"Stepping into MY Power" I have been talking about how it is part of my mission to educate the collective on the essence of what healthy sexuality is, and help heal the collective’s wounded sexuality. Now, when I say collective, I mean the world as a whole. I feel that sex is the best kept … Continue reading What IS healthy sexuality and what ISN’T?

Beginning Of My Spiritual Awakening.

Fall semester of 2018 one of the courses I started was Spirituality, Creativity, Metaphor, and Symbolism. This literally changed my life. I didn’t realize it then, but I had begun the path of RE-membering. Remembering who I am.  During residency the professor introduced the students to the concept that spirituality can be different than religion. … Continue reading Beginning Of My Spiritual Awakening.

How My Healing Journey Began.

This is the first personal expressive artwork I ever did! I love this piece dearly.  I started grad school August 2017. It was an online program. The first week of every semester students had to be on campus which was called residency. Before this moment I don’t think I ever went out and did something … Continue reading How My Healing Journey Began.