Learning To Walk Through Life Not Giving A Fuck.

Continuously shedding the layers of “giving a fuck” has been the biggest lesson for me recently. It has been an underlying theme ever since I read the book, “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck,” back in 2016. Which coincidentally (jk nothing is a coincidence), was the first self-growth book I ever read!  Since … Continue reading Learning To Walk Through Life Not Giving A Fuck.

One Year Being A Vegetarian!

(technically it has been a year and three months 😬) In the middle of January, 2020, I decided to make a lifestyle change and become a vegetarian! The thought kind of came out of nowhere. There is not anyone in my family or friend group, at the time, that was a vegetarian. Initially, I was … Continue reading One Year Being A Vegetarian!

Beginning Of My Spiritual Awakening.

Fall semester of 2018 one of the courses I started was Spirituality, Creativity, Metaphor, and Symbolism. This literally changed my life. I didn’t realize it then, but I had begun the path of RE-membering. Remembering who I am.  During residency the professor introduced the students to the concept that spirituality can be different than religion. … Continue reading Beginning Of My Spiritual Awakening.