The Vortex Between My Old Life and My New Life.

January 2020 I am a huge advocate of keeping creative expression pieces. If it speaks to you or was a big moment for you give it a title, sign it, and date it. Because when you look back to reflect on how things have changed in life, you will blow your own mind.  Currently, IContinue reading “The Vortex Between My Old Life and My New Life.”

Leave What Does Not Serve You.

This statement is so bold and terrifying, yet so simple. Leave what does not serve you. You’d think this would be easy, right? Deep down on some level I feel like we all know things that exist in our lives that do not serve us. Whether it be a job, a person, habits, or theContinue reading “Leave What Does Not Serve You.”

I Got A Human Design Reading!

I got my reading from Dana and Shayna who host the Dayluna Human Design podcast. Which is where I first heard about human design! This was a “long” time coming! I use quotations because it felt like it took forever to meet the timeline where I received a human design reading. When in reality, I was frustratedContinue reading “I Got A Human Design Reading!”