I Got A Human Design Reading!

I got my reading from Dana and Shayna who host the Dayluna Human Design podcast. Which is where I first heard about human design! This was a “long” time coming! I use quotations because it felt like it took forever to meet the timeline where I received a human design reading. When in reality, I was frustratedContinue reading “I Got A Human Design Reading!”

Discovering how the Goddess, Quan Yin, and I have similar life missions.

March 2021 I experienced numerous magical synchronistic moments the other day that I just have to share. It even ties into where I am at in telling my story to you all. Within the next few blog posts I will be sharing the importance of accepting our suffering, and how I reached a point ofContinue reading “Discovering how the Goddess, Quan Yin, and I have similar life missions.”