Learning To Walk Through Life Not Giving A Fuck.

Continuously shedding the layers of “giving a fuck” has been the biggest lesson for me recently. It has been an underlying theme ever since I read the book, “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck,” back in 2016. Which coincidentally (jk nothing is a coincidence), was the first self-growth book I ever read!  Since … Continue reading Learning To Walk Through Life Not Giving A Fuck.

Let go, Accept, and Believe.

April 2021, "You are no longer a slave" Last week my life got flipped upside down in the most freeing way, even though it is still a shock. This is why I only released one blog post instead of two. I am going to be quite preoccupied this upcoming month. I will definitely write one … Continue reading Let go, Accept, and Believe.

Leave What Does Not Serve You.

This statement is so bold and terrifying, yet so simple. Leave what does not serve you. You’d think this would be easy, right? Deep down on some level I feel like we all know things that exist in our lives that do not serve us. Whether it be a job, a person, habits, or the … Continue reading Leave What Does Not Serve You.