My First Time Going To Therapy.

Art response I created after my very first session The first time I had ever went to therapy was in October of 2019. So, yes, I was in grad school, studying to become an Art Therapist, and I had never been to therapy. Prior to my out-of-body experience, I knew I was going to seek therapeutic services … Continue reading My First Time Going To Therapy.

Avoiding My Trauma Turned Into Depression.

December 2017 So far on my healing journey, there has been a correlation between experiencing depression and avoiding my trauma. When I face my trauma, or even consistently facing my emotions, to work through it, my depression decreases. It was difficult for me to understand that concept though. It was easier for me to chalk … Continue reading Avoiding My Trauma Turned Into Depression.

Healing Takes Time.

October 2017 In the previous blog post I shared how my healing journey began. I started graduate school in August of 2017, and during residency my trauma finally felt safe enough to come to the surface. I expressed my darkness through poetry and art for the very first time. Even though this newfound awareness came … Continue reading Healing Takes Time.