Episode 50: Showing Gratitude towards Goals Accomplished in 2021 Creating Light with Kelsey

On this episode, I reflect on the goals I accomplished during the year of 2021! These were pulled from the challenge I completed one year ago which was the "1,000 Lifetime Goals Challenge." From those 1,000 goals, I highlighted all of the things I felt like I could accomplish in 2021. After reflecting on the list, I checked off 87! Did I accomplish absolutely everything that I wanted? No, but I am also completely okay with that because if I did not write out any goals, I know for a fact that 2021 would not have been as magical.  Be grateful for what you DID accomplish in 2021! Even if you did not create any intentions for the year, still take the time to reflect on what unfolded. It can be easy to let life pass you by. Taking time to pause and appreciate what you do helps keep you present. What are some goals you have for 2022?!   Ways to connect: Instagram: @creating.light https://creatinglightwithkelsey.com/contact/ Make a donation! https://creatinglightwithkelsey.com/donation/   Resources: Episode 38: 1,000 Lifetime Goals Episode 4: My Trauma Story pt2- The Moment My Voice Was Completely Taken (one of my goals was to release the limiting belief that "no matter what I do I will not be heard" this episode explains the root cause of this limiting belief) Danielle Paige's full moon circles: https://daniellepaige.com/events/ Holistic sex and sexuality healing: https://kimanami.com/ Get a Human Design reading: https://www.daylunalife.com/
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