Owning My Suffering.

November 2018 I’m not sure if you have been keeping track or not, but this is the fourth blog post of describing the awakening and healing that took place in just one semester of grad school! It was a lot to integrate, but hey, my soul was obviously ready for it. Today I will be sharing the processContinue reading “Owning My Suffering.”

What is, Bearing Gifts to the Feast?

Bearing Gifts to the Feast is probably my favorite part, so far, of my healing journey. This model was created by Stephen K. Levine, and you can find it in a chapter of their book, Poiesis: The Language of Psychology and the Speech of the Soul. My professor implemented bearing gifts throughout the entire spirituality inContinue reading “What is, Bearing Gifts to the Feast?”

How My Healing Journey Began.

This is the first personal expressive artwork I ever did! I love this piece dearly.  I started grad school August 2017. It was an online program. The first week of every semester students had to be on campus which was called residency. Before this moment I don’t think I ever went out and did somethingContinue reading “How My Healing Journey Began.”