My name is Kelsey Morgan. I am an Art Therapist who has been called to share my healing journey. Through an ever evolving process of continuous awakening, I have learned that I came to Earth to play the game of life. What is the purpose of this game of life? Well, I believe as humans we have the power to break the illusions and embody our true self. We do this by learning tough lessons that allow us to exist authentically, and because of that we are constantly up-leveling. It’s a game of evolution. We can view it as exciting or debilitating, the choice is ours.

I am choosing to exist in this game as a guide.

What I want to give the world through Creating Light with Kelsey is, guiding humans through the journey of rediscovering their light. The way a human decides to uncover this is solely up to them, but it is a process of existing with the darkness to then let it go. I share my story to show that liberation is possible even when experiencing deep pain.

December of 2020 I graduated with my Masters of Arts in Art Therapy with an Emphasis in Counseling. Soon enough, I will become a Board Certified Art Therapist and a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in the state of Florida. Currently, I am in my pre-licensure residency. Meaning, I can fully practice as an Art Therapist with weekly supervision meetings. I have taken two sex and sexuality programs, I am in the process of becoming IFS (internal family systems) informed, and I will be continuously learning all things healing that speak to me!

This platform was created to speak on necessary topics while also discussing ways of healing by utilizing tools like Art Therapy, tapping into divine sexuality, and exploring spirituality.

I have found my voice, which has all unfolded in divine timing. Feel free to follow my podcast, blog, instagram, and YouTube channel as I venture into this vulnerable process of sharing my life. Let’s all laugh and cry together. Hopefully through these resources you will be able to pick up some healing tips along the way.

Welcome to the healing journey, friends! ✨


When we see the light in ourselves, we create light in others.

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