Discussing Akashic Records, Letting Go of Control, and Protecting Yourself from Darker Energies with Bree!

I recently interviewed a soul sister of mine, Bree! She was the woman who did my Akashic Record reading, which you can read about it here, and you can listen to the live reading on Episode 21 of the podcast! After receiving a reading from her, I knew I needed to bring her back for a full interview. Bree shares what she has been called to give the world. I will briefly relay what we discussed, but you can tune in to listen how she is one of many creating light for the collective on Episode 43

Bree shares that she is one of the souls that chose to incarnate on Earth to help lead others in coming back home to themselves. This is one of Bree’s main goals within her work for the Soul to Sole brand. She wants you to realize your own power while not relying on others to give you that power. How Soul to Sole started for her was one day she was sitting on her balcony and started to reflect on her life. She began thinking, “What the fuck is next?!” She had completed the check list of what society views as success, but now what? Then the idea came to her.

From the soul of my body to the sole of my foot, it is all encompassing.”

Through a 5 year birthing process, Soul to Sole finally came to life! Bree also shared the importance of shifting our mindset from, what is our purpose, to what our message. She believes that us being here is the purpose, by us just existing, we are already living out our purpose. The question then becomes what is our message, what can we give, what are we here to give? What Bree is here to give is leading people back home to their sovereignty, their power. She is currently doing this through giving Akashic Record readings, workbooks, journal prompts, and journals. 

Bree explains Akashic Records as a library space in the ethers that stores everything that has happened, is happening, and will happen, but nothing is set in stone because through the free will of choice things are constantly changing. These records are protected by light beings. During a reading, Bree will energetically go into this metaphysical library in the astral realm of your records to relay information to you. She cannot access your records without your permission and there is on going consent throughout the reading. Akashic Record readings can help you get to the roots of problems, see where certain beliefs came from, and surface awareness which can all lead to healing. (you can read a little more about the basic concept of the Akashic Records in a previous blog post, here)

Trust your intuition even when you don’t have the answers as to why.”

Bree shared that since she has been giving Akashic Record readings, it has been a contributing factor in helping her let go of control. She says, “When you have a feeling or an intuitive hit to do something trust it, even when you do not have the answers as to why. The human self, the ego wants to know why, but we cannot immediately know why most of the time, we just get to trust it has a purpose and it will play out in divine timing.” This includes all things, whether we perceive them to be big or small things, it is all connected and all relative.

A small example Bree gave was that she felt like she needed to grab her speaker before going out to meet up with friends, her human self was questioning and saw no reason to bring it. The human self began to ask, why? Then she told herself, “It doesn’t matter why, you have a feeling that you need to bring it so just bring it.” She meets up with her friends and of course one of them forgot their speaker! (nothing is a coincidence) This is a layer of letting go of control, letting go of the need to have all the answers before doing something. 

Let things happen when they are meant to happen and stop forcing it to fit your expected timeline.”

Bree has been learning that trying to have control over an expected timeline or a certain outcome of a situation always ends up to be energetically draining. That it feels better when we let things happen when they are meant to. Which means we get to let go of control, we get to let go of what no longer serves us. 

That wave of thinking is directly connected to the notion of, your healing journey is your responsibility. Bree expresses that even though she is here to help people along their journey all she can do is show up to be here with you, but she cannot do any of it for you. I love this mindset and it is universal. No one can control when and how you decide to heal. Bree explains that if we do try to control someone else’s healing process that is when we begin to create expectations for a person and can fall for the potentiality of who they could be instead of accepting the reality of who they are. 

You have the power to protect yourself energetically.”

The last subject Bree touched on was how we can energetically set up a perimeter to protect ourselves. I know for me interacting with the spirit realm can still feel new and intimidating. I can find myself holding onto the religious programming that if I am consciously choosing to work with spirits then that means I could be an open vessel for dark energies to enter. Or the deep deep programming being that anything that isn’t god is the devil, so you’re not interacting with spirits you’re actually inviting in the devil. 

Well… Bree added another layer of reassurance for me that those notions were fearmongering. We do have the power to protect ourselves energetically. If you are feeling weird energies while making contact with spirit through meditation or any other practices you can ask, “Are you of the highest good?” Bree says that it is universal law that if you ask a question three times anything in the spirit or astral realm has to tell you the truth. 

Then if you are still met with the feeling that whatever is around continues to carry darker energies, you can proceed to declare three times, “Only beings of the highest light are welcome here.” Instantaneously it is done and any energies not of the highest light are banished. You have the power to get rid of the stuff that scares you. Bree says you can even teach this ritual to children who are having nightmares. Bree reassures us that we can believe in a higher power, believe and trust someone is speaking truth to us, while maintaining our boundaries and our own sovereignty. 

If you would like to listen to the entire interview head on over to my podcast, Creating Light with Kelsey, or you can directly download the episode here. Go check out Bree’s website, soultosole.co! She has plenty of services to offer than can help you come back home to yourself like Akashic Record readings, journals, workbooks, and journal prompts. You can also follow her on Instagram. I am so grateful we have crossed paths, and I am excited to see where life continues to take us!


When we see the light in ourselves, we create light in others.


Much love,


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