1,000 Lifetime Goals!

At the end of 2020 I came across someone’s Instagram page and they created something called the 1,000 Lifetime Goals Challenge. I wish I remembered who created it, but I don’t have Instagram anymore and can’t just look them up. It was a genius idea!

The concept is that within one month you write out 1,000 goals you would want to accomplish throughout your entire lifetime.

It was actually quite difficult! I believe I busted out 300 fairly quickly then I had to start looking things up for inspiration periodically. The key is to get very specific to rack up the numbers. 

I know I had an entire section involving gardening and I broke down what I wanted to learn. It went from learning to garden, to growing my own herbs for tea, to specific vegetables I’d want to grow at my house. 

For me, it went in spurts. I would think of a few topics then get on a roll. Other times my mind went blank and I would have to go to Pinterest for random ideas. What also helped me was thinking of the goals in categories such as: personal, professional, healing, spiritual, sexual, environmental, experiences, travel, relational, nature, learning, materialistic things, etc. 

After I completed writing allllllll my 1,000 lifetime goals, I went through to reread them and highlighted the ones I believed I could accomplish in 2021. Then I typed those 2021 goals out and printed them so I could have something to physically look at. I could also check them off too! 

By choosing to be mindful in occasionally looking back at the goals I wrote out, I am continuously manifesting them! Writing out anything we desire is already a manifestation tool, but writing out the goals AGAIN for the ones I wanted to complete in 2021, well that’s just next level. Now, I’m wanting to kick it up another notch! 

Since we are officially 6 months into 2021, I would like to share the lifetime goals I have completed so far!

  • Finish my thesis (1) {thank you universe this is finally completed, holy fuck}
  • Create a website (6) 
  • Run Art Therapy sexuality healing groups online (15)
  • Create a podcast (59)
  • Have friends as guest on the podcast (62) {would love to interview more friends!}
  • Decorate an inspiring home office (172)
  • Become and ATR-P (268)
  • Start my business in 2021 (429)
  • Take Kim Anami’s vaginal kung fu salon (142)
  • Accept my sexuality for what it is (190)
  • Attract a person you can talk to about your sexuality outside of therapy (349)
  • Get a Human Design reading (91)
  • Do consistent full moon rituals (145)
  • Create a period ritual (147)
  • Let go of relationships because I understand our soul contract/karmic debt is complete (356)
  • Live and be divinely guided (359)
  • Shift into only making decisions based on my sacral authority (406)
  • Only do things that feel good in my body and heart (412)
  • No longer feel judgement from family (197)
  • Have the tough conversations that I want to have with my parents (266)
  • Release the limiting belief that no matter what I do I will not be heard (273)
  • Release the scarcity mindset (274)
  • Not let the government stop me from living my truth (278)
  • Release the shame that is tied to me and alcohol (304)
  • Forgive myself for the times I was unconsciously drinking/to escape (305)
  • Create the ripple effect of healing in my family (436)
  • Know my blood type (246)
  • Get blue light blocker glasses (454)
  • Only buy clothes I truly love (209)
  • Buy chemically/toxic free cleaning products (633)
  • When getting rid of things give it to friends/family in need before donating (485)
  • No longer have Instagram on my phone (633)
  • No longer have Facebook on my phone (634)
  • Permanently delete my Instagram account (635)
  • Permanently delete my Facebook account (636)
  • Permanently delete my current personal snapchat account (638)

That’s 36 lifetime goals I’ve completed only after 6 months of writing them down! Guys… go do this challenge! 

AND since I’m taking the time to check-in with myself I am increasing the manifestation process for continuing to complete all these desires I have for my life. It’s great. I shit you not, I highlighted 325 goals to complete in 2021. Is that a little ambitious? Perhaps, but it is inspiring me to actually do all the things I want to do in life. On the podcast, I go into further explanation on what each goal means to me out of the 36 I have accomplished so far. If you would like to listen, you can go do so in episode 38. (click here to listen on apple podcasts)

What are your goals?! Take the time to do the 1,000 Lifetime Goals Challenge. Reach out and let me know if you decided to accept this challenge ☺️. Have fun and get creative with it! I promise that you will surprise yourself. 


When we see the light in ourselves, we create light in others.


Much love,


3 thoughts on “1,000 Lifetime Goals!

  1. Hey Kelsey 🙂

    I usually DL podcasts via libsyn (I find that to be easiest) — but this show hasn’t *SHOWED* up yet (har har har 😛 )


    🙂 Norbert


    1. Hey JustJallOz Family 🙂

      I usually wait a while before posting about what people are talking about online … because sometimes they decide to change it (or trash / delete / remove it). Unfortunately, it seems like Sai removed her site sometime after I wrote about her post — so I guess we might never know how she did in the 1/2 marathon. 😐

      Thanks for asking in any case!



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