Let go, Accept, and Believe.

April 2021, “You are no longer a slave”

Last week my life got flipped upside down in the most freeing way, even though it is still a shock. This is why I only released one blog post instead of two. I am going to be quite preoccupied this upcoming month. I will definitely write one post a week on Tuesdays during this refreshingly chaotic time for me, but I might not be able to commit to twice a week! 

Whew, so, where do I start? Well, that drawing I made in April was complete foreshadowing. The angelic figure is my higher self, the blue figure is my present self, and the black figures were the darkness I was still letting myself be held captive by.

I have been learning the last 5 months that so much has to happen within the energetic field before it reaches the physical reality. I noticed that when I let go of what no longer served me, accepted my current situation, and believed that I could have the life of my dreams, the physical reality kept coming closer to me. That drawing was the last piece of energetic processing to occur before I got smacked in the face with last week’s events. 

Let go, accept, and believe.

I realize everything I’m writing probably seems vague. I do want to be open about my current life experiences, but I feel like I can’t just yet, which you all will understand why when I do start sharing. Next month I will begin to reveal some of the lessons I’ve been learning in more detail.

I am almost completely on the other side of this extremely dark time in my life. Even though I’m not 100% physically out of it yet, hence the drawing where the darkness is still barely connected to me, I am 100% energetically out of it. Energetically, I have reached the other side. When I finally did energetically reach other side my dream reality just started flowing in. 

I have been thriving even in the midst of trauma. It takes a lot of work to curate the life of your dreams in the midst of trauma, but honestly, that’s where it starts for everyone. I am excited to see how far I will be able to go now that I have freed myself.

It is within the darkness that we create light.

The life of our dreams doesn’t just happen. It is often created while we realize we are living the life we don’t want. From there, within the darkness, we build an aligned life. We don’t create it only when things are “good” or easy. Then before we know it, we have shifted our entire reality. 

For now, that is all I have to share with you on what is happening in my present moments. Thank you for being on this journey with me. I hope it inspired you in some way. I am doing the damn thing and I am so proud of myself. I love the life I have been creating this year. I am excited for when I will be able to share with you all the magic that has been happening!


When we see the light in ourselves, we create light in others.


Much love,


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