Society Doesn’t Teach Authenticity.

Why can authenticity seem so hard to come by? It seems that most of us have been programmed to adhere to other people’s expectations. To fit their molds to make them happy, but if we are so concerned with making others happy, and constantly neglecting our needs, where does that leave us as individuals? It can leave us living an inauthentic life. This is why I believe stepping into who we really are is one of the greatest acts of courage.

Society is not designed for us to be free.

For example, as children if certain personality traits of ours made our parents uncomfortable, we had to hide that part of ourselves to achieve acceptance. As teenagers, we felt pressured to fit into social roles in order to avoid being rejected, and then we realize these social roles transitioned into every phase of life. As adults, we get jobs where we have to behave a certain way and follow a set of rules or we could get fired.

With all of these roles, we feel pressured to play the part that society has laid out for us. Then we are fed a false sense of hope that if we just comply to the social norms or the expectations of others we will be accepted and loved. What is the point of that? If we have to follow certain conditions in order to achieve what every human has a right to, we can easily fall into abusive situations. 

If we are sacrificing parts of our authentic self in exchange of acceptance or love from others, then we don’t actually have those things.

We all want love, acceptance, friendship, belonging, support, compassion, etc. in our lives. If those things are not freely given, it can definitely get to a point where we would do anything to receive them, even put up with abuse. But the reality is, if those needs are not freely given, we only have them as long as we live under the conditions that were set. 

Why would we want to constantly sacrifice our authenticity, who we really are, to be accepted by people who don’t fully like us anyway, or only like us under certain conditions? By choosing to be around people we feel aligned with, and by choosing to put ourselves in the environments we feel aligned with, we don’t ever have to “fit in.” 

Society tricks us into believing if we do the “right thing” we will get what we want. When the truth is, if we are taking aligned action, we will ACTUALLY get what we want. Aligned action starts from self-awareness. As we listen to our heart, spirit, soul, whatever we resonate with, by tuning in we will hear our own desires. Then we will know what is right for us. We will be living in alignment, and as a result everything we want will flow to us.

Nothing is worth the cost of suppressing our authentic self.

In what ways can we begin to embrace who we really are? Where can we start saying no, and setting boundaries towards things that don’t feel right to us? What are some things we have been wanting to try, but have yet to do so for fear of rejection? The world is full of endless opportunities for us to be our authentic selves! It is time to step into that reality.


When we see the light in ourselves, we create light in others. 


Much love,


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