One Year Being A Vegetarian!

(technically it has been a year and three months 😬)

In the middle of January, 2020, I decided to make a lifestyle change and become a vegetarian! The thought kind of came out of nowhere. There is not anyone in my family or friend group, at the time, that was a vegetarian. Initially, I was not inspired by any outside factor. It was a feeling within. I had reached a point where it no longer felt good to eat meat. 

I had the thought of becoming a vegetarian before on and off for about a year. I never made the commitment because my people pleasing tendencies wedged their way to the surface. I knew it would be “easier” to continue to eat meat. Since I lived with other people, the way we grocery shop would change. Then when going out to eat, it could revolve around me, and I may not be able to go to a lot of places. I was afraid to create an inconvenience or be an inconvenience for the people that were in my life.

With the awareness I have now, I realize that thought process was connected to trauma. Speaking my truth can still be difficult for me. Most of my life the environments I was in did not curate a safe space for authenticity. It was about being “good” and pleasing others. If I did not fit the mold of someone else’s expectations it was not okay. BUT, I eventually did choose me.

I chose to live in a way that was true to me, even if it was an inconvenience to others. 

Which felt so good. I am getting to a point where almost zero fucks are given when it comes to doing what is best for me. My ultimate deciding factor was when one of my cousins told me she was making a transition to a more plant-based lifestyle. They inspired me to commit! I told myself that if they could do it then I could too. Shortly after, I watched all the documentaries regarding animal products and the consumption of meat… Since then I have never looked back. 

At home I cook completely vegan. When I go out to eat I will eat dairy occasionally. I am to the point now that if I were to eat dairy like the normal American it would mess up my system. I used to LOVE cheese too. In May of 2020, I had eaten chips and queso after 4 months of not eating dairy. It fucked me uuuup. Then I thought, hmm maybe human bodies really are not made to digest dairy? Just because my body was used to digesting it before does not mean it was meant to be in my body. 

For me, becoming a vegetarian was not a drastic transition. Anyone can do it! Cooking vegan at home is also not difficult. I have a couple cookbooks and Pinterest has countless of recipes. I can still get all my groceries from Walmart too, if I wanted. By following those recipes, the meals I eat now actually have more flavor compared to when I cooked with meat.

I promise, you will not sacrifice taste or good food if you choose to incorporate more veggies into your way of living.

Becoming a vegetarian has been restructuring my relationship with food, along with the way I view my body. I feel like I am finally letting go of the shame attached to both of those things. I grew up being a gymnast until I was almost 15, was a cheerleader until I was 22, and then in the midst of that I dipped my toe into the bodybuilding world until I was 24. My worth revolved around my body. Food overtook my life. I never thought that I could break out of the mental food prison I had kept putting myself in. By listening to my truth and doing what felt good for my body really was a game changer. You can listen to me speak further on this on my podcast, in episode 22.

I am happy to break even more stigmas by talking about vegetarianism and veganism! Apparently, this is the main process of my journey right now. Using my voice to bring light to seemingly taboo subjects. If you have any questions please reach out! 


When we see the light in ourselves, we create light in others.


Much love,


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