I got an Akashic Record reading!

Now, I know I had already posted this drawing before, but it came up in the most beautiful way during my reading, so here it is again! (you can listen to how this old drawing synchronistically relates to my current life here)

I received my Akashic Record reading from a soul sister of mine, Bree. You can contact her and book through her website at, soultosole.co. Bree has other products too you can purchase, like journals! 

I asked Bree if she could explain what Akashic Records are. Then describe how giving readings relates to her mission and business as a lightworker. Here is what she has to say about it:

“There’s a great book that explains the Akashic Records that was written by Linda Howe. I learned about them years ago, but never fully understood the full depth of what could be done with them, or the healing that could come from reading our own Akashic Records. It wasn’t until I really dove in through reading the book, that I began to explore the records myself.

The Akashic Records are a dimension of consciousness. They hold a vibrational record of every soul and its journey on Earth. These etheric records hold every thought, word, and action that ever happened, is happening, and could potentially happen. The records are the substance of what is, before our human minds get a chance to control, manipulate, or change things. It’s the purest substance of information.

They are referenced in different religious teachings as The Book, Your Record, and Book of Life, to name a few.

Now, the records are protected by Light Beings to ensure the safety and integrity of them. The Lords of the Records, as they are called, determine who can access the records, and what information they are able to receive. The information we are able to access is for guidance, wisdom, healing, and understanding in this Earthly plane. They are not aligned with a particular organization, institution, or governing body, as they are completely free of that. The energy itself is manifested as pure love, light, peace, power, beauty, and balance.

Every person’s reading is different, and no two look the same. Questions to ask yourself before a reading would be: ‘What are you hoping to learn? Do you want to heal a past life? Are you looking for clarity or insight on a specific recurring issue?’ These are all things I have you think about before your session, to ensure that you get what you are looking for. Now, keep in mind, it might not be what you want, but more what you need in that moment. I am not able to access records without anyone’s permission, so there is verbal authorization given in and throughout each session as it progresses.”

“My business, Soul to Sole, is similar to the notion that no two readings are the same. No two people share the same spiritual journey, and therefore shouldn’t be approached with the ‘one size fits all’ mindset. My goal is to be there to empower others through the journey, and give them tools to aid them in coming back home to themselves. For me, for you, for us. Because when one person heals, the collective heals.”

While going into this experience with Bree, I did not have any expectations. I had never intentionally interacted with the spirit realm in this way before. I also barely knew anything about Akashic Records. I had watched a couple YouTube videos, and all I understood was that it is the record of absolutely everything about us throughout all lifetimes. I was excited to receive some wisdom or perspective from my guides.

My reading did just happen this week, so I am still in the process of integrating the information. I do now know where the root of the sense of unsafety throughout my being comes from. It was also put into perspective that I am a gatekeeper. In this life I am in the process of putting a stop to this level of darkness within my bloodline, and I am healing all of the generational trauma, even from previous lives. 

I cannot dissect all the magic that occurred from my Akashic Record reading just yet, but I put the entire recording of the reading on my podcast, Creating Light with Kelsey, in episode 21

I will create another post after I have integrated the wisdom this reading gave. For now, I did want to introduce this spiritual topic to you all, and give you the opportunity to tune into a real-time healing moment for me by offering the recording. Bree will be open again to give Akashic Record readings in May! If you are feeling pulled to explore deeper healing, but unsure what to start with, having a reading could provide some great insight. You can contact her to then book a reading here.


When we see the light in ourselves, we create light in others.


Much love,


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