What IS healthy sexuality and what ISN’T?

“Stepping into MY Power”

I have been talking about how it is part of my mission to educate the collective on the essence of what healthy sexuality is, and help heal the collective’s wounded sexuality. Now, when I say collective, I mean the world as a whole. I feel that sex is the best kept secret, except it’s not a secret, because we all know about it, but yet the majority of all humans are unaware of the true powers sex and sexuality hold. You follow me?

I believe that just about everything we have learned from society in regards to sex and sexuality has been a detrimental misconception.

That statement may sound alarming, but that’s the reality. It is time to see things for what they are. When you do, then that is when change can finally happen. You can start the deconditioning process now! Get curious about how YOU view sex and sexuality. What are your beliefs, feelings, and concerns about it? Ask yourself where you want to make changes, which will then create space for you to integrate healthy practices.

What are some signs of UNHEALTHY sex and sexuality?

  • Only engaging in sexual acts to achieve orgasm
  • Being reliant on a partner to fulfill your sexual desires
  • Relying on toys or porn to receive pleasure when by yourself
  • When you find someone attractive your mind immediately goes to fantasizing about sex
  • Being consumed with just the physical aspects of sex and sexuality

Where sex and sexuality has become dangerous is that through the media society has hyper focused the physicality of it. Again, this is no secret. It is constantly fed to us. What is scary though, is that it does affect our psyche. It does shape our perception of sex and sexuality. When the focus of sex is solely physical, it creates a disconnect that wedges itself between the very two souls that are engaging in such a sacred act, that was originally designed to connect them! This is why it is so important to expose the toxicity and then educate the true beauty that has been hidden for way too long.

Just because it has been normalized doesn’t make it okay.

What are some signs of HEALTHY sex and sexuality?

  • More often than not, sex becomes an opportunity to connect spiritually, mentally, emotionally, AND physically with yourself and/or a partner
  • Attraction is cultivated from the soul, not the genitals
  • When self-pleasuring, the goal is to connect with your body
  • Fear, shame, and unsafety no longer feel directly linked to your perception of sex and sexuality 
  • The source of sex and sexuality is coming from a place of love

If you are reading this and are feeling concerned with your own views of sex and sexuality, then you have been drawn to this for a reason! If you are feeling any shame towards yourself at this moment, honor it, but try to not cling to it. You did not know any better. Which is not a coincidence! The system has been designed to keep us in the dark and oblivious. This is why I am here to shed light onto the subject.

I believe everyone can embody healthy sexuality!

As you continuously become aware to the layers of sex and sexuality that lie within, it also becomes your responsibility let go of what no longer serves you, to then embrace what does. You have the power to create a life full of pleasure that comes from a place of love, light, and alignment. It all starts with you, by questioning yourself. What do you feel is healthy or unhealthy about your own perceptions of sex and sexuality?


When we see the light in ourselves, we create light in others.


Much love,


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