I Got A Human Design Reading!

I got my reading from Dana and Shayna who host the Dayluna Human Design podcast. Which is where I first heard about human design!

This was a “long” time coming! I use quotations because it felt like it took forever to meet the timeline where I received a human design reading. When in reality, I was frustrated that it wasn’t happening on MY timeline. 

Silly human, don’t you know yet that everything happens in divine timing?

I do know that on some level, but I’m still in the process of fully trusting it. To then let go of that fear, frustration, worry, etc. when things (everything, cough cough) happen outside of my control or timeline. With that, I had planned on receiving a human design reading for my birthday, which was in November. Well, I was unable to schedule one until the middle of March! 

The thing about human awareness is, when we let our ego run the show we prevent ourselves from seeing.

I could not see the bigger picture with not having my reading on my birthday. Little did I know from November to March my life would drastically change. I finally started listening 100% to my body and I snapped myself into alignment. Literally right before my Saturn return started, I see you, universe! I made some REALLY difficult decisions that didn’t “make sense,” but all I knew was that I did not feel good. My life is completely different, and yet again the old Kelsey does not exist anymore. I had shed what no longer serves me. (I will explain this more later this year)

So basically, I am grateful that this did not happen on my timeline. Who Kelsey was in November 2020 would not have been ready to receive all the magic that unfolded from this reading in just one hour. 

There was an immense amount of information. I share all the inspirational goodness on my podcast, Creating Light with Kelsey, in episode 16.

I am not going to break down the specific meanings of what my chart portrays because I do not have enough knowledge to do that, but I will share what my soul came to do here on Earth! I was informed that my throat center/chakra is extremely powerful. When I use my voice and communicate the things I see, envision, dream, or how I see ways people could apply healing aspects to their life, it acts as a manifesting tool. Using my voice is how I am designed to show up in the world.

When learning that about myself, I instantly realized that most of the trauma I have experienced resulted in my voice consistently being taken away. Then society is a contributing factor in reinforcing silence. As a whole, society does a terrifying good job at silencing the masses, but with victims of abuse, when people speak up they are often not believed. So, then survivors are often conditioned to not use their voice, and not talk about their trauma. 

It is not a coincidence that the trauma I lived through directly affected the main way I am designed to show up in the world.

This is the wisdom I am now embodying through the healing process. Which is enabling me to be a guide for others who have lived through similar traumatic experiences. It is also not a coincidence that the bulk of my trauma has been sexual. Then part of my mission is to bring light to what sex and sexuality is meant to be, and bring light to the fact that what society has fed to us for millennium has been a fucking lie. What we have been taught about sex and sexuality is designed to disempower us. I am here now to dismantle ALL of it. 

One of my gifts is in having unique insights, I am ahead of the curve, and I am here to guide people into a better way of doing things that will lead to a better future. I learned though, that my way of thinking is complex, so I can best utilize this gift by really breaking down my thought process to then communicate it. 

What blew my mind, was that I have one channel and two gates within my chart that all deal with charismatic and celebrity energy! When they told me that people will naturally be drawn to wanting to know what I do for fun, see how I live life, and people will genuinely enjoy what I have to share, I was a little awestruck. I thought, “Wow, really? Me? But how?” They said that just by loving my life, then sharing it, it will inspire others to do the same!

On a deeper level, I am meant to reach a lot of people, to then guide them in the awakening and healing process. 

My cross of incarnation is the left angle cross of dedication. This means that my life purpose is NOT complied of things, tasks, or accomplishments to give out into the world. My life purpose is about my energy, and giving my energy to the world. The left angle cross of dedication also means I am here to help society heal, transform, and progress. My energy is here to be a guide. So, I get to ask myself, “How can I help people transform the things that have been holding them back from moving forward, and how can I help them move forward in a better way with more efficiency?” 

Then the reason it’s called dedication, is because the main way I will help people is by educating and being dedicated to planting all of the seeds of insights, wisdom, healing, awakening, and then empowering others with all this information. Educating is definitely the key word here. I cannot do this for you. I am just the guide. You have the power to then take that seed and let it grow or not. But I learned that I am designed to plant all these seeds by sharing my insights and what I believe in. Which is why I even started Creating Light with Kelsey! To give myself, my energy, and educate!

So, there you have it!

These were the main takeaways from my human design reading. Again, I shared all the nuggets of wisdom on my podcast. If you are interested in learning about human design, go look up your chart here. Then go listen to the DayLuna Human Design podcast! Their beginning episodes dive into different aspects of people’s charts. If you want to book a reading with Dana and Shayna, go to their website at, daylunalife.com. I know that I will continue to live by my design because I know that it results to me living in alignment! And when I am in alignment, I am giving myself the opportunity to live my best life.


When we see the light in ourselves, we create light in others.


Much love,


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