Discovering how the Goddess, Quan Yin, and I have similar life missions.

March 2021

I experienced numerous magical synchronistic moments the other day that I just have to share. It even ties into where I am at in telling my story to you all. Within the next few blog posts I will be sharing the importance of accepting our suffering, and how I reached a point of owning my suffering through the Spirituality in Art Therapy course I took fall of 2018. Well, in the book I am currently reading, The Sophia Code, I learned about the Goddess, Quan Yin. She is the Goddess of compassion. She was able to embody compassion after allowing herself to feel her darkness, her suffering. 

Mind. Fucking. Blown.

I had never heard about Quan Yin before. As I continued to read her story I kept thinking, “We have the same mission!” What I truly believe humans must do in order to heal, what I have experienced so far in my healing journey, and what I have been sharing on Creating Light with Kelsey, is what Quan Yin is a master in. Now, I am going to go through the chapter I read about Quan Yin then share the synchronistic moments related to me.

“You came to experience the sovereign power of your divinity through the vulnerability of your human experience. Your willingness to be vulnerable – especially to painful experiences that stimulate personal growth – deserves your utmost self-respect, self-compassion, and unconditional love.” 

Well, that’s happening right now! I have fully stepped into that reality by starting Creating Light with Kelsey! I am being vulnerable, sharing my trauma, and showing how I have grown from it. Then, I am continuing to learn to love those parts of myself that have experienced pain.

“Quan Yin, your heart has become a living vase of compassion for this entire planet. For every moment that you surrendered into the darkness of your suffering you now embody the light of wisdom for teaching others how to walk The Way back home to their own hearts. … Remember that there is no holding with water; it is always letting go to merge in shape and function with what is calling it forth.”

That second sentence is literally my mission as an Art Therapist and within this online platform I birthed. Again, mind fucking blown! Then, the concept of water carrying the wisdom of the lessons to let go completely resonates with me. I feel like my main life lesson is learning how to let go. Let go of expectations, control, pain, anger, sadness, shame, hate, etc. I also absolutely love water. This is why I have moved to Florida, basically all I drink is water, I have ocean waves tattooed on my forearm, and my long showers are the main contribution to my water bill! 

“For there is nothing that we have suffered that we cannot heal within ourselves. … The greatest of all suffering occurs when you refuse to have compassion for yourself as you are experiencing any kind of suffering.”

I also truly believe that we all have the power to heal ourselves. By fully connecting to the darkness and feeling through it, we can set ourselves free. As we befriend the darkness we will learn to accept it and show it love. Then through love, we will learn to coexist with the darkness instead of it taking control of us, and when darkness does have control over us, we can end up projecting suffering onto others. After reading about Quan Yin, I realized that this concept of loving the darkness I believed is the compassion that Quan Yin teaches. It all is now making sense to me on the deepest of levels!

December 2020
“Your greatest teacher for learning the importance of karuna compassion is your Inner Child, who is also the face of your innocence. The voice of your Inner Child speaks from your heart … When your Inner Child is honored with karuna compassion, they will eventually reveal themselves as The Phoenix Child within you … By the power of your unconditional divine love and karuna compassion, I am resurrected as The Phoenix Child, arising from the holy flames of your Sacred Heart.”

This past year or so, I have been getting in-tune with my inner child. Understanding that a lot of the wounded parts of myself were curated when I was a child. Currently, a part of that healing journey is listening to my inner child when they are triggered, and then taking the time to reparent them. I am discovering that if my inner child still has wounds then I will not heal. Now that I am an adult I have the opportunity to tend to those wounds. To show them love, compassion, and give them the care they had never received before. 

When I had read about The Phoenix Child, I immediately thought about the conclusion art piece I had created for my heuristic study. The painting you see above, is on the very last page of my thesis, and I titled it, “Rising from the Ashes. As above, so below.” It has phoenix energy, there are flames in the background, and the hands come to heart center where light is shining outward from within. I mean… come on! I didn’t even know about Quan Yin or The Phoenix Child until now (march of 2021) and I was creating this piece from July 2020-December 2020. Mind. Fucking. Blown. There is also another handful of synchronicities that go along with this painting that correlate with the Goddess Isis, which I also didn’t know about when I originally painted it, but I will share those later when I talk about my heuristic study!

“Emotionally stirred, I ask: ‘Why would anyone hurt an innocent child?’ Quan Yin replies: ‘They did not know how to stop what they did. The suffering it takes to wound a child in such a way as this – or in any way at all – is a suffering beyond logic. As a wild animal bent over in maddening pain strikes without thought, so too the human awareness possessed by suffering cannot stop itself from hurting others. Suffering exacts such acts of pain upon others without reason, for suffering is the true definition of insanity.’”

This quote hit my soul. It was as if I finally fully understood that NOTHING is personal. I have experienced deep pain, even from people I love, but even still, there is no logic when suffering is projected onto another human, which then causes that human to suffer too. Then I realized the importance of forgiveness, which Quan Yin also teaches. Forgiving myself for experiencing suffering and forgiving others for the hurt they put onto me. There is no reason, and I will never find the reason, so the only way to move forward is to feel the suffering, love it, show it compassion, forgive it, and let it go. 

Whew! That was intense! 

There was so much more that resonated with me and my healing journey. I share all of that goodness in my podcast, Creating Light with Kelsey, on episode 11. I also just realized by choosing to share my discovery of Quan Yin at this time, it is happening within the 11th blog post, episode 11 of the podcast, and in the book, Quan Yin’s story is chapter 11. Yet another synchronicity that I did not plan! If you are interested in reading the book it is called, The Sophia Code: A living transmission from the Sophia Dragon Tribewritten by Kaia Ra. If you received any healing or ah ha moments reach out and let me know! I would love to hear how this resonated with you.


When we see the light in ourselves, we create light in others.


Much love,


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